Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The new message 2

1. Slow down, enjoy and appreciate the thing around you. 
2. You are too stressful to people, you never enjoy what you are doing.
3. If you didn't slow down, you will be regret, people will leave you.
4. Listen

1. You feel your face twist is because you feel being challenged. There is some ego in you. Actually everything is in your mind, no one challenge you, it just you create it yourself. 
2. You are very scared on what you share is wrong.  

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Message from Angel

7 Cards from Angel
Giving & Receiving-Relationship-Heart Chakra-Life Purpose-Listen-Day Dream-
Release & Surrender

1. Twist your day dream from negative to positive
2. Release and surrender all things, don't control too much. The more you control, the more your addiction become worse.
3. Learn to give rather than just receive
4. Learn to build up your relationship with your Daddy, eventually, your relationship in other area will be improve and your heart will be opened. 
5. Learn to listen in your relationship and in daily life, don't talk too much. Truely listen.
6. You will know your life purpose, do whatever you think it is right. Don't bother too much on other people's thinking. 

Summary: Surrender, Relationship with father, Give

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I think it is time to relax myself. Relax my own body and mind and soul. Find peace in inner. Find motivation in my future steps. Tranquil...

Monday, November 8, 2010


Jogging is a good leisure activity and sport. Every evening I will try my best to make my time to go jogging.
After sweating and straining my muscle, I feel relax and refresh!! Personally, I enjoy jogging and I like jogging very much because it brings benefits to me:

A) Train up my body
As I jog, my body get stronger and stronger. I can feel that something is changing within me. My body start to change in a good way. It become more and more flexible and endurable. Even the air I breath is different, this is the most important point as personally I am very particular in the quality of my breathing. My lung capacity become more and more bigger.

B) Sharpen my mind
As I jog, my mind start to move and moving inner. AS I jog, something Great is happening in my brain!! The chemical, the ion, the neurotransmitter and the hormon in my brain, YES!! It is moving and charging in a very fantasting way!! More and more of the neuro in my brain grow and make a new pathway and linkage!! I can feel the fluidness of my brain as I continue to train up myself through jogging.

C) A time of quiteness
My life is full of hustle and bustle. I have a lot of things in my life and I am out of control of it because it is full of challenges and demand from people. It is chaotic. So, in this jogging time is actually the best time for me to quite down myself. As I quite down myself, I start to have the inner peace. As I have the inner peace, my awareness of the things around me start to grow. I start to aware. My eyes can able to see the things moving aroung me, my ears can hear the tiny sound in my daily life, my feeling start to connect with my awareness and I start to accept my own feeling. My brain start to work and generate and connect the outer world and also the inner world of me. I can do evaluation in my life, I can aware my thought, not matter is negative or positive. Oh God!! As this point I just realize that a lot of time, my mind full of a lot of negative and unadaptive thought and irrational belief which impair my functioning.
With jogging, I can have peace, awareness, evaluation and have a inner communication with my true self.

From this three point, can see that jogging is very valuable and beneficial to me. How about you??

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Out of Control

Everything is out of  control!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Highest Purpose

I always what to develop myself.
I always insecure with my own ability

I always struggle and think of which area I should develop and how I develop.
I am expecting and doing hard in developing that area that I want and eventually I fail because I am too focus on it.

Today what I learned is that we have to do things for a highest purpose.
With a highest purpose, we will not care too much of our own ability, skill or anythings
What is in our mind is just our highest purpose.

And eventually we will able to do a lot of things and dare to do it
We will step out from our comfort zone and have a lot of breakthrough without we notice
Because we are fighting for the highest purpose

With a highest purpose
Our life become more meaningful

My friend what is your highest purpose?
Do you have a highest purpose??